Tintreas Illustration

Witch Garden Leafiosa

You wake up one morning to find your home and farm are covered in a terrible oily tar! Travel the world in search of seeds, grow your house and farm and unlock the true power of the land.

Kaiju Creator

In true Evil Scientist fashion you cobble together and raise adorable gigantic baby Kaiju tamagochi style, slowly training them to destroy first small villages and later entire cities. If one of your monsters is defeated, grow the next bigger and tougher to fend off those pesky government agents with their nuclear bombs and crazy plans.

Will you finally raise the Ultimate Kaiju?


Can you beat the Bears?

You'll need an iron stomach and twitch ready reflexes to keep your Rangers on their toes in this arms race agains park wildlife - with gory consequences should you fail.

I am Rubber

Pick up small words and recombine them to form new lengthy and hilarious insults to sling at your enemies & neighbours.

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